Starts TODAY: The Oral Health Summit’s eye-opening interview with the Health Ranger

Monday, March 12, 2018 by

The Holistic Oral Health Summit begins today, and it features interviews with dozens of experts in holistic dentistry and oral health. I was interviewed for the summit to discuss links between oral health and chronic degenerative disease, and this particular interview is getting a tremendously positive response from those who have seen it.

Watch my interview and the full summit by registering at this link. All the episodes are free to watch, and they run this entire week.

In these episodes, you’ll hear from Dr. Griffin Cole, an Austin-based holistic dentist who completed an extremely complex cosmetic dental procedure on me. (You may not know this, but I suffered some teeth breakage as a child, since I played outside, engaging in sledding, rope climbing, skateboarding, tree climbing, baseball, football, street hockey, martial arts and everything else you might imagine.) If you think my teeth look good when I smile, that’s due to Dr. Griffin Cole!

In this summit series, you’ll also hear from David Kennedy, Boyd Haley, Chris Shade and a whole host of other top-notch experts who discuss mercury poisoning, root canals, gum health, disease prevention and a wide array of other topics. Marjory Wildcraft is also part of the docu-series. You’ll learn a wealth of information from her interview.

Register here to see these interviews. (Don’t delay. It starts today.)

This summit can truly make a lasting, positive difference in your life. It may even help you identify a root cause of cancer or heart disease that’s lurking in your mouth (and is easily reversed). If you want to stay healthy and avoid disease, oral health is very often the “missing link” that you might not have fully covered.

That’s why this docu-series can be truly lifesaving. You’ll love this one. Register now, because I think my segment airs tonight.


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