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Hey vegans, did you know your “vegan” cheese is probably made with cows’ milk protein? (casein)

Monday, January 15, 2018 by

As a one-time vegan, I have tremendous respect for the varied diets of people who are seeking improved health. But as a leading food scientist — and founder of CWC Labs — I pay attention to what’s really in food, regardless of how it’s positioned with marketing or propaganda. So I hate to be the one to bring you this news, but if you’re eating “vegan” cheese, it’s probably made with cow milk protein known as “casein.”

In fact, I’ve recorded a video from my food science lab to show you the simple truth that “casein” is listed as an ingredient on multiple popular brands of “vegetarian”-positioned cheese products. Indeed, many of these products seem to be deceptively marketed to vegans and vegetarians even when they are deliberately made with dairy protein derivatives.

It kind of makes you wonder just how honest the entire “vegan” grocery selection really is, doesn’t it? My advice on this is simple: If you want to really be a vegan, stop eating processed food. Don’t be a “junk food vegan” who lives on processed vegan foods made from highly refined ingredients, in other words. To be a healthy vegan, you need to consume minimally-processed raw foods and honest ingredients.

Watch my food science video for more details, and read the newly-launched website Food.news for breaking news on food science.


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