Help Save Azure Organic Farms! (Video)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 by

Take action: email or call Sherman County Court today and stop them from spraying our 2,000-acre Organic farm with herbicides… More details in this video and below…

Podcast Transcript: “You know this insane government mandated of this organic farm in Oregon with toxic glyphosate weed killer has really hit a nerve with a lot of people. I’m talking about Azure Organic Farm. Their website is We put out a video alert to get help from everyone to hammer Sherman county and even the Oregon governors office with requests to stop the county from poisoning the farm. They want to poison this 2,000 acre organic farm with glyphosate because they claim the organic farmers aren’t doing a good enough job to eradicate obnoxious weeds.” Listen to the rest below:

Read the story and more details here at

Help Save Azure Organic Farms! from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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